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Heritage Doors is an in house manufacturing company that custom designs the door of your dreams. We offer a wide selection of beautiful custom wood doors since we believe that the natural beauty of wood is unmatched by any other material in adding warmth and ambience to a room. We build solid wood doors, as well as side lights, arches and transoms.


With our experienced personnel, you will immediately feel you are in the right place. Our artistically skilled craftsmen can help create any door you imagine. Our millwork on premises allows you to choose from a great variety of profiles, enabling you to create the details you desire.

Whether you are looking for an exterior or interior door, you’re in for an education on the variety available.


In regard to door thickness, our standards are higher than anyone in the industry. Our average exterior doors are 2¼” thick, and our interior doors are anywhere from 1¾” and up. But thickness is your option and we accommodate your specifications.

Most importantly, we customize the height and width to your opening, which is the uniqueness of having our own in house manufacturing. Being that we have that ability to customize the jambs to go with the widths of your walls, and to give you that full height which enhances the impression of your home so much.

We also book match the wood design across your entire room and décor, to create that perfect setting.

Sound Proofing

A noisy environment often can disturb the best of atmospheres. If it is serenity that you desire, ask us about our soundproof door options.


With our in house manufacturing you are entering into a new reality. Let your imagination roam free, and give us the opportunity to create what you’ve only imagined.

We appreciate the individuality of our customers and realize a great deal of thought and energy has already gone into the design of the project before our customers contacted us. Therefore, once we begin on our orders, great attention is given to the minutest details to achieve our main objective: Customer satisfaction.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

Heritage Doors
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